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Vision and strategy

Our vision is to "generate value for all our stakeholders by managing and controlling businesses that, through manufacturing and/or logistical excellence, deliver quality, cost-competitive products to our customers in a sustainable manner".

Metair was formed in 1948 and started to supply automotive components to a single OEM in South Africa in 1964. As Metair has grown, our strategy has evolved to meet the challenges of competing in the global automotive industry. Today, Metair is a truly international company, with multiple OEM customers, a broad range of aftermarket and non-automotive products, operations in three countries and ambitions to grow into five continents in the next five years.

Our strategy aims to achieve these goals by addressing seven key strategic focus points


  • Balance busienss by building and expanding the energy storage vertical
  • Nurture the Original Equipment (OE) business in SA and expand the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) customer base
  • Focus on cost
  • Secure and grow the aftermarket product range
  • Grow our Africa footprint
  • Focus on transfer of battery technologies
  • To establish the principle of being an exemplary custodian within every employee that underpins the group's core social and ethical values