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Material Operations & Product

Metair holds and manages a portfolio of companies that manufacture and distribute products predominantly for the automotive industry. Our products include heating and cooling systems, shock absorbers, springs, lead acid batteries, lighting and signalling devices, plastic mouldings, wiring harnesses, front-end modules and brake pads.

Material operations & Products are listed below:


Headlights, plastic injection mouldings, lamps, wheel trims, horns, tail lights, streetlights, warehouse lights. www.lumotech.co.za

First National Battery

Batteries, solar systems, back-up systems, standby systems, charging systems, Battery Centre franchise. www.battery.co.za

Supreme Springs & ATE

Coil springs, leaf springs, stabilisers, torsion bars, brakes, callipers, brake pads. www.supremespring.co.za


Plastic Injection moulding. www.automould.co.za

Valeo Systems South Africa

Front-end modules. www.valeo.com

Tenneco Automotive Holdings SA

Shock absorbers, struts, track control arms. www.eu.tenneco-automotive.com

Hesto Harnesses

Wiring harnesses. www.hesto.co.za

Smiths Manufacturing

Climate control systems, air-conditioning systems, cooling modules, radiators, air cleaners, wiper systems, ECU’s, alternator and starter. www.smiths.co.za


Automotive cable, automotive wire. www.unitrade745.co.za

Smiths Plastics

Plastic injection mouldings. www.smithsplastics.co.za


Rombat is the leading car battery manufacturer in Romania. www.rombat.ro

Mutlu Aku

Batteries,solar systems,backup systems,standby systems,chargingsystems. www.mutlu.com.tr

Dynamic Battery Services

National and international distribution of key battery group products. www.dynamicbatteries.com